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May 11, 2014 2:00pm PDT
day mom to my mom and your mom. >> now you made me all veklempt. thank you. okay. newsroom. randi kaye, hi! >>> hello, everyone. happy mother's day. you are in the cnn newsroom. i'm randi kaye. we begin this hour with the horror story no one would want to live through but one girl that made an escape from the terrorist captors brave enough to tell her story. from the night boko haram fighters snatched her, it's nearly a month now since 276 girls aqueducted from the boarding school in northeastern nigeria, take sboon the jungle and possibly split up and sold as child brides. so in the most doing you assignment any cnn correspondent has had this year, the team made the frightening four-day journey to be the first international reporter to reach the northeastern nigerian town where the girls were kidnapped and joins me now live. did this young girl decide to share her story firsthand with cnn for a specific reason? why is she talking? >> reporter: well, there really is a sense, randi, in spite of what we're hearing, the pledges for support, the bring back the girls hash tag, that for
May 4, 2014 7:30am PDT
people at the can do kudo and get our tenderloin community certainly with a friend like randy to really repeat what supervisor kim and i have been saying it starts with the arts. you know, the arts is something donates a medium for people to express why where they've come from we've seen that over and over with the mid-market channels with the parts the gritty parts of the streets where arts led the way it says let's bring a light to this whole area and allow people to express themselves and join up with the other inspections randy had a great idea many years ago and the only thing i'm sorry is it's come to late with so many years of effort but that's a contributed if you're down here on friday afternoons with the wonderful musical contributions with the jazz enbobbles and the music. it's a way to look at the tenderloin in a different light and perhaps understand it's history in the last one hundred years. it's a way to do that through the uptown tenderloin museum. and, yes it's at the heart of probably our biggest challenge for supervisor kim and i, we established with board pre
May 1, 2014 6:00pm PDT
presionar a los legisladores republicanos a debatir la reforma. cesar ---randy serrano nos tiene todos los detalles... take 2 box adelante randy... take pkg ;01 ;15 ;35 ;59 1;22 1;33 intro s/randy serrano, @randytelemundo hola que tal-- aqu en la capital cientos de manifestantes pro- inmigrante alzaron su voz esta tarde. el mensaje sigue siendo el mismo pero la intensidad y el sentido de urgencia va en aumentoquieren que el gobierno frene las deportaciones y que el congreso apruebe una reforma migratoria integral cuanto antes. la marcha comenz cerca al capitolio. all hablamos con catia paz, una madre salvadoreÑa que lleva doce aÑos viviendo en estados unidos. dice que no tiene antecedentes criminales, que ha pagado impuestos y que sus dos hijas son nacidas aqupero eso no es suficiente segn las autoridades de inmigracin. ella actualmente tiene una orden de deportacin. s/catia paz, manifestante "yo estoy esperando que paren mi deportación, que la cancelen ya que no soy un peligro para este país... por lo tanto no hay razón para que quieran que yo me vaya de regreso". ms all de detener l
Comedy Central
May 29, 2014 12:01am PDT
you knowing i mean how do i get my booty and boo boxes back. >> randy wallace fox 26 news. >> he's fever going see her hairy potter again. (laughter) (cheers and applause) >> thank you. >> technically i think hers might be a hagrid. (laughter) but wait a guy we're completing ignoring the real victim who i believe is randy wallace who probably went to journalism school and he has to go down there and do this report in front of a strip club that he's probably going go into as soon as the cameras are off. comedians what is randy wallace's next assignment. jen kirkman. >> there is a masturbation ep dig here reporting live from the pinewood nursing home i'm randy wallace. >> pinewood nice. >> oh. >> greg fitzsimmons. >> randy wallace's next assignment i believe is pleasuring the circumference of holes on i-95. >> you know, you know the on way to end a report like that is using a when the microphone comes through the hole rarpting live, from i-95 randy wallace. guys on this day there 1980 mcman was released in ar karxd acism are time when video games were no more than circles eating othe
May 31, 2014 2:00pm PDT
randi kaye. -- captions by vitac -- >>> you are in the "cnn newsroom." i'm randi kaye in for don lemon. we're watching breaking news right now on cnn international. president obama phoned the parents of captured united states soldier andtomy them their son is free and coming home. sergeant bowe bergdahl was the only u.s. servicemember still held captive from the conflicts in iran and after gap stan. except for the occasional proof of life or picture as they call it, bergdahl was out of sight and in the taliban hands for nearly five years. we're told he's safe now after long negotiations and pretty tricky military statistics. barbara starr is with us along with erin mcpike and correspondent nic robertson. barbara, we'll start with you first. who went in and got him? >> well, randi, what we're learning over the last several days, all of the pieces were put into place, and it was early this morning, u.s. time, when special operations forces got into their helicopters and flew east to a point near the afghanistan/pakistan border, landing on the afghanistan side. this was a
May 4, 2014 2:00pm PDT
begins right now with randi kaye in new york. >>> hello, everyone. you are in the cnn "newsroom." i'm randi kaye. beginning this hour overseas where people are dieing in a country appearing to be on a fast track to all-out civil war. ukraine. the army trying to quash an uprising making them russian. it started and spread along the two country's border and now spreading more. the port city of odessa far from the border and now the center of the deadliest violence. nearly 50 people killed there in street fighting and in a fire witnesses say was started by activists throwing molotov cocktails. separatists say they'll ask the people to stay ukrainian or join with russia. they plan a referendum next weekend. crimea was annexed by russia in march. prime ministers and diplomats are calling for calm and an end to the fight. officials of ukraine say they're out of power to stop the uprising. russian leaders say they're not supporting it. odes odessa, dozens of people locked up for fighting against riot police and today crowds of supporters stormed the jail and forced police to set them f
May 4, 2014 7:00am PDT
? >> so we're going to start i want to thank you all for coming i'm randy shaw the director of the town tenderloin it's been 5 years that we've worked to make the tenderloin museum a reality. for me my journey began 35 years ago right next door to the cadillac hotel when a few of us met from the law school i don't know how many of you knew leroy he told you his dream for the tenderloin and what a great neighborhood this would be and showed us the cadillac and urged 80 us to get revolved in the neighborhood i've been here 35 years it's not also been eras easy we how the in the 1980s we've turned a corner new businesses and the south asian immigration would transform the neighborhood we have bad luck and other official neglect from the city this used to be a sisters letter restaurant he authenticity it would bring people into the neighborhood but the surrounding crime problems crime kind of made it not succeed. it's been a long sdrulg i knew ed lee he used to go to original joe's but what made the museum we decided to one of my coworkers sam go came back from a trip to new york and said -
May 4, 2014 3:00pm PDT
newsroom. i'm randi kaye. >>> tensions are running so high in ukraine that world leaders are afraid that all-out civil war is close to igniting. this is the ukrainian port city of odessa, riot police fighting against violent groups of people demanding to be part of russia. the clashes started on the border. they've now reached the country's interior. the deadliest incident of the conflict happened on friday. a building in odessa burned with dozens of pro-russian activists inside it. 40 people were killed in the fire or jumped to their deaths. sta it was started by people throwing molotov cocktails. they say they want to vote and let the people decide whether or not to be absorbed by russia. in odessa today protesters rioted and overwhelmed the city's police and forced them to release dozens arrested for street fighting. phil black is in odessa and watched it happen. >> reporter: randi, this big angry crowd surrounded the police station here in central odessa. hundreds, perhaps thousands, standing in the rain demanding that pro-russian activists that have been detained since friday i
May 19, 2014 8:00am PDT
will also speak with the worthy's close associate photographer randy goodman who went with him to iran on a number of trips. all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. dozens of people have been killed and tens of thousands displaced after unprecedented flooding in the balkans. an estimated three months worth of rain hit the region in just three days. about one third of bosnia's landmass has been submerged, affecting an estimated one lean people. dangerous water levels have threaten flooding at two of the country's power plants. thousands are without water and electricity. the flooding has also washed away warning signs near the thousands of landmines that remain from the 1992 to 1995 war. a recent european union more warned countries are at greater risk of flooding due to human driven climate change. dozens of people were killed in libya over the weekend and -- in a tax forces loyal to renegade former general khalifa haftar my market offple the, launched an offensive in benghazi in what he called her bid to
May 10, 2014 12:00pm PDT
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Al Jazeera America
May 17, 2014 11:30am EDT
heard, but i'll turn to randy to begin with what kind of winter it is to you. what do you estimate your loss being over this past winter. >> i'm a poster child for this year. this year i lost probably pretty close to 50% of my bees just this winter. to put that into perspective, in 2013 i shift 10,000 hives to pollinate almonds and i was only able to send 3,000 and the remaining hives are too weak to send. >> is this a case where you can see the dead bees or do they go out to do whatever it is that bees do and simply not come back? you end up with empty hives or hives full of corpses? >> basically, basically empty hives. if you have a situation where a beehive is starved because they ran out of food, then the bees are dead right in the hive. but in some other case where it's a disease it's just a natural function of the beehive for the infected or sick bees to fly away from the hive. >> does that make it tougher to figure out what is going wrong with the insects since you can can't, in fact, them, since you can't see what it was that killed them. >> yes, most definitely. the best w
May 11, 2014 3:00pm PDT
sorry. the fear of retaliation has stopped her from answering that question of ours, randi. that's a very real fear. even just a day before we drove down to chibook, a police officer was wounded by a military group that's very much still at large. >> in terms of trying to find the girls and where they are, a lot has been said about this hashtag diplomacy as it's being called. is that helping or hurting the situation there? >> well, it's definitely -- it's putting resources at the nigerian government's disposal, which can only be a good thing. but it's putting pressure on them. here in the nigerian capital and i guess also for you back there in the states, you hear a lot about the promises that are being made to help find these girls. then we arrived at the town and there was very little military presence. the girl that we spoke to, she hadn't even been interviewed by authorities to try and get any details from her story. it just seems really slow coming. everyone we were speaking to said please keep these girls in your thoughts, please keep talking about them, please keep tweeting ab
May 31, 2014 12:00pm PDT
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May 20, 2014 4:00pm PDT
later? representing randy california from the band spirit. first off, francis, there are many songs out there that kind of sound the same, but they aren't necessarily plagiarized. you say that isn't the case here. why is that? >> well, there is a few things here. when you look at copyright cases, the first sort of prong is access. and if you can establish access, then you have to look to whether or not they're substantially similar. >> they would have known of this song. >> in other words, they come up with it on their own by themselves, or were they influenced or lift it from another tune. and in this case, what is very unique and what a lot of people don't know is before led zeppelin was led zeppelin, before they were this huge band that everyone knows them as guitar gods and great band in rock 'n roll, they were a fledgling band who were trying to make it in the music business. and when they came here in 1968, and they needed to be an opening act for a band that was already established, the band that they were the opening act for was spirit. and so what happened here is you have
Al Jazeera America
May 17, 2014 1:00am EDT
joined by randy winegarden, president of the aft, more than a million members nationwide. randy, glad to see you. you said you supported common core, that the standards had the potential to create deeper learning, that students need othrive as adults. but you also called for a moratorium on the consequence for failing oadhere to those standards. what exactly do you want to see? >> so we need to decouple these new tests from the implementation of the common core. which is essentially what montana's doing and california is doing. and you're seeing the implementation going far better than in new york, where you had tremendous agitta, anxiety over the botched implementation. you have to give people the time to really look at english differently, look at mathematics differently, and then adjust their lessons that way. and at the same time, you have to do that for kids. if kids are used to in mathematics learning to memorize the multiplications table and then we say to them, how you get to what's nine time nine, 81, the different ways you ask get to nine times nine that's a different
FOX News
May 2, 2014 1:00pm PDT
it? attorney rebeca rhodess-woodland things so but randy says the teachers are hipcrats. strong word. back it up. make your case. >> how about a little bit of personal responsibility. great, that is how we measure students. so that is how we have to measure teachers. what is a amazing it's objective. imagine if we had some subjective standard where, okay, i'm the one who decided whether you get a bonus, get a raise. then people would be screaming, this is so unfair. maybe he likes me better than he like thursday other one? maybe he doesn't like this person, so we try to do something objective. stop complaining. >> rebecca, what is unfair about tying a teacher's pay to the performance on a test? >> that i don't think is unfair, and i don't think the teachers in houston are saying that unfair. what they're saying is, how it's being done. they don't mind being associated with the grades and the scores but they feel that the manner, the testing manners in which are being apply decide. >> hold on. are they against the testing or evaluation of pay? >> no what they're against is the fact th
May 1, 2014 2:30pm PDT
has she been in this area? where as to the area shared house with randy. he has an address. when the viet cong took over, they changed all of the street names. he suggested that jerry goes to the house around the corner to talk to the son of another g.i.. find the son of an african-american soldier. do you remember any children that have like red hair? >> there are quite a few over here. >> they went to school with you or something? >> yes. he now lives in new york. he is one of thousands of the rasian children who the government allowed to settle in america in the 1980's. jerry continues to search. showing his photos to everyone he meets including the daughter of the woman that used to be the midwife. >> i remember her. do you know why? to her a lot. >> did you help deliver my baby? >> yes, i did. so, you held my baby in your hands. >> man hold your hand? >> of course. >> these hands held my baby. there is so much emotion in my heart right now. i may never see him or touch them. this is as close as i will get. >> he now knows his son's su rname. he puts the name and the photos on fa
May 29, 2014 6:00pm PDT
firme el programa comunidades seguras.. roll open under ---randy serrano nos amplia desde washington d.c... take pkg ;01 ;16 ;42 ;50 1;09 1;26 se habl del programa comunidades seguras, de la accin diferida y hasta de la presunta liberacin de miles de indocumentados acusados de crmenes serios. todo, parte de la audiencia en el congreso en la que el secretario de seguridad nacional jeh johnson fue severamente cuestionado. s/ cong. bob goodlatte el presidente del comit judicial acus a johnson de no sacar del pas a por lo menos 36,000 inmigrantes indocumentados que estn bajo orden de deportacin y han cometido crmenes. otros republicanos, como el congresista steve king, seÑal que el programa conocido como accin diferida estaba salvando a "miles de criminales ilegales". el secretario por su parte difiri. s/ jeh johnson, secretario de seguridad nacional dijo que anticipa que el programa contine y que est funcionando relativamente bien. s/randy serrano, @randytelemun do hay quienes dicen que muchos de los temas que se hablaron hoy se podrían comenzar a remediar con una reforma m
May 29, 2014 6:30am PDT
are don carry, [inaudible] randy collins, license structural engineer, specializes in seismic improvements; jameson hyde and we have vacancy for electrical engineer and registered fire protection engineer and the terms of these are set to expire 2016. >> commissioner mar will take it from here. >> first of all, i'd like to move that we accept appointments as was amended by the nominations committee, as read by the secretary, including the new seats, as well as reappointment all the incumbents to their existing seat. >> i have a motion for the existing members as well as the recommended new members. any other comments? >> i would just like to comment that first of all i want to thank all the applicants. this is the first time the nominations committee received a lot of new applicants and i want to thank all the applicants on their willingness to serve. i know it's a very difficult process because there's very strict criteria in the professional positions they hold but also residency requirements and i want to thank all the different associations who encouraged their members to
May 21, 2014 6:00pm PDT
vez, desde que surgio este rumor, el presidente barack obama se pronuncio al respecto. ---randy serrano nos amplia desde washington d.c.. take pkg ;01 ;56 1;09 1;29 inmoral y vergonzoso llam el presidente barack obama el escndalo que sacude al departamento de asuntos de los veteranos presuntamente responsable de la muerte de por lo menos 40 veteranos que no recibieron atencin mdica. el mandatario habl sobre el tema hoy por primera vez. dijo que cualquier persona que se descubra falsific las listas de espera ser responsabilizada. obama se reuni en la maÑana con el secretario de la administracin de veteranos, eric shinseki y le pidi una revisin extensa de los problemas en los centros. supuestamente un hospital en phoenix arizona mantena una lista secreta para ocultar a por lo menos 1,400 veteranos enfermos que llevaban meses esperando ser atendidos. la asociacin americana de veteranos hispanos dice haber alertado al departamento de veteranos sobre los problemas por aÑos y sus quejas han caido en odos sordos. s/ luis quiñonez, asociación americana de veteranos hispanos "lo que
May 16, 2014 6:00pm PDT
personas que concluy en una investigacin.. roll open under ---randy serrano informa desde washington d.c... take pkg ;01 ;14 ;37 ;49 ---pkg--- es una multa histrica para la industria automotriz. general motors deber pagar $35 millones de dlares al gobierno por no haber reportado a tiempo las fallas mecnicas que existan en varios de sus automviles. s/anthony foxx, secretario del departamento de transporte de ee.uu. el secretario de transporte anthony foxx dijo hoy que gm viol la ley al ocultar la falla mecnica que evitaba que las bolsas de aire se activaran en ms de dos-millones de vehculos. el problema en el interruptor de arranque al parecer caus la muerte de por lo menos trece personas. la multa podra no ser lo nico que gm tenga que pagar. s/ joseph malouf, abogado "las familias que perdieron seres queridos por la falla mecánica también requerirán que se les pague." s/ randy serrano @randytelemundo "y los problemas no terminan ahí. apenas ayer general motors anunció un nuevo retiro de por lo menos dos millones de vehículos con luces defectuosas y problemas con los frenos. en
May 7, 2014 12:00am PDT
, colleague to present this to the board >> good morning. i'm steve. >> i'm randy. >> we're going to be presenting on the 4 package bids in the last month or so. this t g8.1 the .2 and the external awning and the concrete struck up structure will be discussed as part of the regular cleaned and the bus ramps. what we wanted to do was run through briefly with you what the 4 different glazing systems were that were compromising the 8.1 package and that's if you can fellow along at the bottom level the w-3 in yellow that's the grand hall enclosure system. the second system was the w-4 systems which are in n a greenish color at the third level of the bus deck level it surrounds what we commonly refer to as the tense racket it let's light down the roof it extends up to the light column that's the central focus point of the grand hello latin-american and nature ventilation system. next is the w-8 system the ground floor level the bottom level the two tale kind of colors are two bus waiting areas and there's in the muni business plaza and the rest of them are at the park level. their canopie
May 6, 2014 6:00pm PDT
... roll open under ---randy serrano nos amplia desde washington d.c... take pkg ;01 ;16 ;42 1;15 1;40 la intensidad con la cual la madre naturaleza se hace sentir va en aumento. y segn un reporte revelado hoy por la casa blanca los efectos del cambio climtico son ms serios de lo que muchos piensan. s/james buizer, científico "las estimaciones son más altas ahora, más fuertes y están ocurriendo más luego. lo que íbamos a ver en el año 2020 o 2025 ya lo estamos viendo". james buizer forma parte del comit que llev a cabo las investigacione s. asegura que lo ms preocupante es la frecuencia de los incendios, las sequias y el aumento del nivel del mar. eso, dicen algunos meteorlogos, afectara a millones de personas. s/luis carrera, meteorólogo "treinta por ciento de la población vive cerca del mar. con el alzamiento del nivel del mar un tercio de la población se vería afectada" el informe tard cuatro aÑos en concluirse. analiza las consecuencia s del cambio climtico y su impacto en los distintos sectores del pas. destaca, entre otras cosas, que la ltima dcada ha sido la ms clida en
May 15, 2014 5:00pm PDT
claves y ser posible que algo suceda?... roll open under ---eso nos lo cuenta randy serrano desde washington d.c... take pkg ;01 ;17 ;43 1;25 corre el reloj en la cmara baja y la tan anhelada reforma migratoria aun esta en el limbo. muchos aseguran que si un proyecto de ley no se aprueba antes del verano la reforma morir y con ella las esperanzas de millones de personas. . s/alfonso aguilar, alianza latina pro- valores conservadores "no hay buenas posibilidades de que se apruebe algo. sencillamente porque es un año electoral. los republicanos están enfocados en expandir su mayoría en la cámara y retomar el senado". pero los activistas no han desistido y han mantenido la presin sobre los polticos para que voten sobre la propuesta de reforma integral antes de que sea muy tarde. algunos aseguran, la esperanza es lo ltimo que se pierde. s/arturo vargas, dir. ejecutivo de naleo "ltimamente me han dicho por parte de unas oficinas del congreso que hay muy bien una posibilidad que va a avanzar un proyecto de ley sobre la reforma migratoria". esta semana el presidente barack obama volv
May 30, 2014 6:00pm PDT
leyes podra mejorar el sistema. ---no obstante hay quienes se oponen a la idea. ---randy serrano nos amplia desde washington d.c. take pkg ;01 ;14 ;43 1;02 1;15 inmigrantes en proceso de deportacin que no pueden costear un abogado para enfrentarse a un juez tampoco cuentan con un defensor pblico bajo la ley. pero un estudio revelado hoy asegura que cambiar eso beneficiaria al pas. algunos polticos estn de acuerdo. s/cong. juan vargas ""si vas a tener una ley en contra de una persona, entonces debe de poder protegerse con un abogado" el reporte de la asociacin de abogados de la ciudad de nueva york indica que la creacin de un sistema de defensa pblica sera de gran ayuda para esos inmigrantes que muchas veces no hablan ingls y no entienden las leyes que determinan su futuro. seÑala que tambin le ahorrara dinero al gobierno al acortar el tiempo de los procesos migratorios. el abogado joseph malouf explica por qu actualmente esa representacin legal no existe. s/ joseph malouf abogado "la constitución ha sido interpretada para el derecho a un abogado para casos criminales que tengan la
May 5, 2014 6:00pm PDT
a los latinos el poder que an no tienen. ---randy serrano informa desde washington d.c... take pkg ;01 ;20 ;52 1;16 1;32 es el grupo minoritario ms grande del pas y el que est creciendo con ms rapidez. pero segn algunos el poder poltico de los latinos en estados unidos aun es limitado. cosa que muchos como la actriz-mxico- americana eva longoria quieren cambiar. s/ eva longoria, actriz y activista "su voto es su voz y para nuestra comunidad es muy importante que estemos apoyando los candidates que están ayudando a nuestra comunidad". dicen, no hay poder sin representacin; y afirman que los latinos deben aspirar a puestos polticos influyentes. es el caso del alcalde de providence, rhode island, quien pretende llegar a ser el primer gobernador hispano de su estado. s/ngel taveras, alcalde de providence "necesitamos políticos que entiendan nuestra comunidad, que tengan la experiencia, que sepan lo que es crecer como un latino y tener que hacer sacrificios para tener éxito" pero no hay puesto poltico sin apoyo electoral. segn un reciente reporte del centro de investigacin pew, por l
May 31, 2014 1:30pm PDT
to the "cnn newsroom" with randi kaye. -- captions by vitac -- >>> you are in the "cnn newsroom." i'm randi kaye in for don lemon. we're watching breaking news right now on cnn international. president obama phoned the parents of captured united states soldier andtomy them their son is free and coming home. sergeant bowe bergdahl was the only u.s. servicemember still held captive from the conflicts in iran and after gap stan. except for the occasional proof of life or picture as they call it, bergdahl was out of sight and in the taliban hands for nearly five years. we're told he's safe now after long
May 13, 2014 6:00pm PDT
debate. roll open under ---randy serrano nos informa desde washington d.c.. take pkg ;01 ;07 ;22 1;11 1;23 vinieron de varias partes del pas a pedirles a legisladores demcratas que no se rindan. s/carlos padilla, "soñador" "estamos pidiendo que.... los demócratas se paren con nuestras familias para poder parar las deportaciones" les preocupa que algunos senadores demcratas estn hablando de esperar hasta el otoÑo para retomar el tema de la reforma migratoria; pero muchos no tienen tiempo de esperar. s/ imelda valenzuela, bajo proceso de deportación "tengo cinco años ya en proceso de deportación y se aproxima ya el final de la decisión que pueden tomar" por su parte el presidente barack obama contina sus esfuerzos. hoy se dirigi a lderes de diferentes agencias policiales. dijo que mientras que su personal tiene que perseguir criminales ha tenido que perder su tiempo persiguiendo personas que no estn haciendo nada ms que tratando de progresar. mientras tanto el senador demcrata dick durbin se prepara para llevar a cabo una audiencia sobre la importancia de los inmigrantes en las f
May 18, 2014 11:00pm PDT
to demand democracy. the death toll remains under debate, from hundreds to thousands. randy shandobil brought us this report. >> reporter: the people asked for the people's republic of china to finally stand up for its name. the communist ideal is that everyone shares in responsibility and shares in the wealth there are charges of corruption. charges that the families of the powered elite get preference. >> partly because you can only get raw materials and produce if you go through the back door. and the more connections you have, the more people you know, the better off you are economically. >> reporter: robert scalapino is director of uc berkeley asian studies. he says for the first time in memory young students are winning the support of some of china ease workers. because not only is there corruption in china there's also a 35% annual inflation rate. and extremely low wages. >> scalapino says that in the past when china was a more closed society the people may have been more patient and may have had more faith in their leaders but no more chinese masses are now learning about what
May 10, 2014 1:30pm PDT
, but time to get you back into the "cnn newsroom" with randi kaye. >>> you are in the "cnn newsroo newsroom", i'm randi kaye, glad you are with us. we've got new developments tonight on two fronts at this hour, one of them is in new york city. >> they're grave robbers, and they're doing it for money. >> she's talking about the
May 19, 2014 6:00pm PDT
que estan en juego varios curules del senado y congreso federal... roll open under ---randy serrano nos amplia desde washington d.c... take pkg ;01 ;13 ;40 ;52 1;18 republicanos, demcratas e independientes -en los estados donde la competencia electoral para las elecciones de medio trmino est ms dura- apoyan una reforma migratoria, afirma una encuesta del diario "poltico". s/ steve shepard, diario politico steve shepard, uno de los que condujo el sondeo, dijo que el tema de la reforma "no es solo importante para los latinos sino también lo es para otros grupos" el 64-por ciento de los republicanos encuestados dijeron ser pro-reforma, al igual que el 78-por ciento de los demcratas y el 71- por ciento de los independientes. . pero eso -segn indica este analista poltico conservador- no significa nada. s/ adolfo franco, analista político "yo nunca he creído que la reforma migratoria es el punto clave ni para la comunidad latina ni para los anglosajones". indica que para muchos votantes la economia y el sistema de salud son las prioridades. s/ randy serrano, @randytelemundo "lo interes
May 10, 2014 2:00pm PDT
the "cnn newsroom" with randi kaye. >>> you are in the "cnn newsroo newsroom", i'm randi kaye, glad you are with us. we've got new developments tonight on two fronts at this hour, one of them is in new york city. >> they're grave robbers, and they're doing it for money. >> she's talking about the decision made on where to permanently keep the remains of her son and many other people killed in the world trade center attacks on 9/11. some families are furious saying it disrespects the dead. >>> and talk about frightening. a hot air balloon catches fire and goes down in virginia. there are confirmed deaths and not everyone who was on board has been found yet. >>> those who watched that hot air balloon burst into flames say they saw people fall or jump from a terrifying height. it happened last night. part of a balloon festival near richmond, virginia, three people were riding in the gone doll la when everything went wrong and those on the ground were powerless to help. the bodies of two of those people have been found and the third not yet. virginia state police say they will not stop
May 11, 2014 4:00pm PDT
her daughter only to see her walking in, randi. by an absolute miracle, some of those girls managed to escape on that horrifying night, but even for them in nightmare isn't yet over. one of them has agreed to speak to us, but she's asked that we don't identify her, that we don't give away her name, her family house, anything that could give away what she fears the most, the kidnappers could come back for her. >> what kind of cars? was it one or more? >> 7. >> 7 lorries? >> yes. >> and this was at 10:00 at night? >> in the night. >> did that make you feel that they had come to get you, to get the girls? >> yes. >> that's when you knew that they'd come to kidnap you? >> yeah. they said we enter this lorry. we go. i said i will drop down. >> that was really brave of you. >> yes, we would rather die than go. we run in the bush. >> you run in the bush? >> yes. >> what happened then? can you describe the men that came and took you? what did they look like? were they wearing civilian clothing or military uniforms? what were they wearing? >> i don't understand. >> but what was their dress?
May 20, 2014 1:00pm PDT
guitarist randy taurus has passed away but they say they have waited all of these years because they didn't have the money for a legal fight. of course, this is hardly the first time that a rock and roll god has been accused of taking, shall we say, inspiration from someone else's thunder. joe levy is joining us. led zeppelin had covered spirit's tunes since '68 and even played together since '69. who knows if jimmy page consciously may have been a subconscious thing and yet it is true that led zeppelin toured with spirit in 1969. spirit played it live, zeppelin played it live. >> "stairway to heaven" coming out in '71, a few years later. zeppelin and other groups have made names for themselves by borrowing from a lot of blues musician. so the truth is, people from that era of rock and roll borrowed all the time. how could this be different? >> we're talking about seven seconds of similar music. it's a finger-picked chord progression. i don't think spirit is the only one that thought about doing it this way but to your point, there were all sorts of transition points. this is still w
May 11, 2014 1:00pm PDT
right now with randi kaye. >> fred! >> hi! gosh. that's nice. >> this is from the cnn newsroom team. happy mother's day. this is the hardest working mother in the business. we want to honor you today. >> jennifer, you are so sweet. thank you so much. >> we love you. >> thank you. >> happy mother's day. >> happy mom's day mom to my mom and your mom. >> now you made me all veklempt. thank you. okay. newsroom. randi kaye, hi! >>> hello, everyone. happy mother's day. you are in the cnn newsroom. i'm randi kaye. we begin this hour with the horror story no one would want to live through but one girl that made an escape from the terrorist captors brave enough to tell her story. from the night boko haram fighters snatched her, it's
May 23, 2014 1:00pm EDT
troubled school district. some insight from randy weingarten, president of america's federation of teachers. ken berger is here with me, ceo of chairity navigator, ken, a very well-intentioned donation, extremely gen russian and large donation. did mr. zuckerberg think it out completely in your view, as compared to other charities that and foundations that make large-scale gifts? >> unfortunately no. i think we see this very often, that people start from the heart, very generous donations are given, but when it comes to the question of using the community, engaging the community, sometimes that gets lost and there's a top-down approach that occurred where there's a disconnect with the realities on the ground of second is it's often a very short-term kind of view. this was meant to be a short in the arm when and you have massive social and educational problem on the ground there. and, you know, the third thing is just generally the models we have seen at work, it's incremental, one community at a time, one step at a time, not try to change a whole city at once. >> randi, weigh in on
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May 21, 2014 2:03am PDT
! [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah. >> chris: it is great. everything he does is randy. >> i have a shirt to iron. >> chris: performing at laugh boston, june 5th through the seventh it's brent morin! [ cheers and applause ] >> chris: welcome to the program. guys let's, let us begin. ripped from today's internet headlines, it's rapid refresh! [ cheers and applause ] >> chris: big social media day for lemonheads, no, not the band, story, i am talking about the little sweet and sour candy unveiled what new gimmick for their twitter account. >> a. a bipolar feed where half its tweets are sweet and half disturbingly sour. >> a nightmarish living mascot with a lumpy misshapen lemon for ahead. >> tweeting notable seven lens inviting them to a lemon party. do not google that. rick. >> i am going to say c and i that is just the most realistic one. >> chris: it could be but since we are talking about the internet but in fact it is b. come on, nightmarish living mascot who looks just like this! >> oh, my god. >> chris: the bioreads, hey my head is a lemon eat me up. >> so comedians if you felt the n
May 7, 2014 5:00pm PDT
school class mate randy thompson lured russell outside before stabbing him to death. thompson will be tried as an adult and his trial begins in july. >> family members of a san francisco man man guned down saturday night are upset the district attorney has not charged the shooter. the district attorney has not charged the 68-year-old who shot him mistakenly. >> we don't want an eye for an eye kind of thing. we want this man brought before justice to explain our actions. iet let's a person use deadly force the district attorney asked for more information in this case. >> colon kaepernick says he is eager for everyone to hear the truth about the police investigation in miami he posted on twitter on 911 calls i'm glad the truth is getting out. information earlier was wrong. i look forward tho-to-this being resolved police released 911 calls saying a woman lying naked in a bed in a miami hotel and refusing to leave. the caller said she wanted to spend time with another man, not there >>. a push underway to create a state wide earthquake warning system. sensors are in place and right no
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